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Meet Abigayle

Abigayle is the owner and primary photographer for Abigayle Tarsches Photography. Abigayle Tarsches Photography offers portrait, boudoir, headshots, wedding and events photography.

About Abigayle

It’s really simple:
I love photographing people!
I love working with you to create timeless and enduring photographs and strive to
create a unique and fun experience that represents you authentically in your best light.

My style is artful and timeless, and I do not follow trends that come and go.  I consistently capture the luscious beauty of my clients to create enduring memories.

I began my career as a fine art photographer exhibiting in NY, LA, and SF.

I then had my first real break being hired as a movie stills photographer and worked

on several independent films including Gus Van Sants “My own private Idaho and “Even Cowgirls get the blues among many others.

I am an award-winning photographer and have been pulished in many magazines including, Vogue, Bazaar, Tearsheet pdx, Reflex, and Bomb to name a few.

I am based in Portland, Oregon and available for travel worldwide.

And I obsessed with my dog Manny a Chihuahua mix

Her Family

Both my daughters now live on the east coast where they were born. Last year we went to the Dominican Republic in January and we all miss being able to travel! I have photographed all kinds of people but the truth is they are the hardest ones to please!

Things Abigayle LOVES!


 I would love to travel to Japan, Korea, and any warm beach in the world!

Meet Ashlie

Ashlie is the owner and primary photographer for Ashlie Behm Photography. Ashlie Behm Photography specializes in maternity, newborn, baby, motherhood and family photography .

About Ashlie

I’ve been honing my photography skills for well over a decade and have been specialized in Maternity, Newborn, and Family photography for the last few years. I absolutely love that I get to document some of life’s most amazing and beautiful moments for families in love.

I specialize in capturing beautiful, authentic, and timeless portraits for growing families. From capturing that special waiting period before baby arrives, to documenting all of their tiny details once they make their grand entrance, to adventurous family portrait sessions. I’m here to help you remember it all for years to come. My photography style is clean, fresh, & minimalistic.

I own a full-service portrait studio. Every session is completed with an in-person viewing and design session to help you preserve your images in a physical form. Whether it’s an album for your coffee table or some fine art prints for your wall, together we’ll make sure your memories come to life in your home.  I am very passionate about helping you get your photos off of your computer screen and bringing them to life in your home. 

Her Family

My husband and I have been together for eight years and married for almost three. We love adventuring together; exploring Oregon on backpacking trips and/or day hikes. Two years ago we adopted two beautiful Siberian cats who have absolutely stolen our hearts. 

Things Ashlie LOVES!

1. Hiking and exploring the great outdoors! When I’m not behind the camera this is where you’ll often find me! 

2. I LOVE plants. Tending to my garden in the spring and summer and chatting with my houseplants on the daily are just a few things that bring me so much joy! 

3. I absolutely love tea and chai tea lattes are my favorite thing to order at coffee shops! 


The last time we were able to travel was my first time visiting Europe. My brother-in-law lives in Poland with his wife and two children. Visiting them there and exploring Krakow was such an amazing experience! 

Meet Amber & Eric

Amber & Eric are the owners and primary photographers for Sightglass Photography. Sightglass Photography offers wedding, family, elopement, headshot, event and commercial photography in Oregon and Washington.

About Amber & Eric

We are Eric and Amber, a husband and wife wedding photography team with a different story than most. Both of us actually had our own established wedding photography businesses, with years of experience behind us, before we ever met. We found each other at a wedding professionals networking meeting, fell in love, on Valentines Day, no less, and got married 2 years later. Along the way, we merged our 2 businesses into Sightglass Photography.

Between us, we have 13 years of experience taking wedding photos, and have shot over 250 weddings. For the past several years we have been blending and perfecting our styles to produce images that we are positive would delight any clients.

The weddings we shoot vary wildly, from a 1-1/2 hour long, formal Catholic mass with hundreds of guests, to a short ceremony at Voodoo Doughnut with just the bride and groom, officiant and a couple witnesses. We have worked all over the map… literally. We’ve shot weddings and engagement sessions from northernmost Washington to San Francisco, the Oregon Coast to Painted Hills in central Oregon. We love to travel, and welcome opportunities to explore new places with you. 

Venues ranging from rustic farmhouses to elegant hotels in downtown Portland, magnificent Multnomah Falls, Timberline Lodge and even Powell’s Book Store, have given us many opportunities to work with differing environments. We’ve had the pleasure of shooting very traditional weddings. We enjoy working with same sex couples and couples who are marrying later in life. We get a kick out of working with children and four legged family members.

Whatever your vision is for your wedding, we would love to be a part of it.

Their Family

We love spending time with our dog Chloe and going on adventures. She loves walks and rides in the car. We really enjoy road trips to all the fun places in the PNW. 


We took a 13 day road trip last fall in California. We wanted to a trip where we could stay away from people and this was perfect. We went to LA for a drive in movie theater that had zombies wondering around. (It was Jo Bob Briggs event) We even met up with a friend from Portland who came down for the same drive in. Went to Palm Springs and hung out by the pool. Then we checked out the Salton Sea and that was a blast. We even stopped at a film museum which was a blast! Then we drove up to Lake Tahoe for a few days before it got cold. We can’t wait until spring/summer and doing some local road tips to explore Oregon with our dog Chloe who we adopted in December who is 8 years old. She really enjoys car trips and short walking trips.

You’re having a Baby! Congratulations! 

As you prepare to meet your little one, be sure to schedule a newborn photography session. You’ll want to have all of their tiny little details documented once they arrive. Your newborn will grow and change each and every day and you’ll want to be able to look back and see how small they once were. Today I’m sharing 5 tips to prepare your newborn for a photo session. 

The length of your session will really depend on your baby. I never rush newborn sessions, as I want everyone to be relaxed and feel comfortable. We can also take as many breaks as needed. Most newborn sessions last anywhere from 2-4 hours (and possibly longer for twins). 

I typically photograph baby first and then do portraits with the parents, including solos of each parent with baby. Siblings are definitely welcome to join in the fun as well — I love photographing the whole family with their newest member.

Keep in mind that we never want to force images – so we will work with kids so everyone feels comfortable and at ease throughout the session. When older siblings are involved we begin with them, so they can be done first. It is very helpful to have an aunt, uncle, grandparent, or close family friend along to help with siblings after they are finished with their portion of the session — this way parents are free to stay and take more photos with the new baby without needing to tend to big brothers and sisters. 

I hope these tips help you feel comfortable and prepared for your newborn photo session. If you are unsure about something, just ask! I’m always here to help. 

1. Timing

I recommend contacting me at least three months prior to your due date to reserve your spot on my calendar. Once you complete the booking process I block out dates on my calendar around your due date. I only take on a limited number of newborn sessions each month, so the sooner you reach out the better.

Once your due date is blocked out, reach out to me within the first 24 hours of your baby’s arrival (texting works perfectly!) so that we can confirm your session as quickly as possible. 

The best time to get your baby into the studio for their newborn session is within the first five to ten days of life. They are the sleepiest during these days which allows for a low-stress session. 

If your baby is born early and needs to spend time in the hospital, we will plan on getting you into the studio for your session within the first seven days after you get home. 

All sessions begin at 10am for the best natural light. 

2. Awake Before

It’s best to keep your baby awake for about 2-3 hours before your session. This will help them feel extra tired during the session. You can to give them a bath, tickle their toes, let them kick with only a diaper on, or try some tummy time. You can continue to keep baby alert by having you or your partner ride next to them in the car on your way over to the studio. 

Even if you think your baby is a great sleeper during the day, it’s important to not skip this step. The goal is to have your baby ready to sleep through their newborn session. 

3. Full Belly

A full baby is a happy baby! We want baby nice and full right before we are about to start. The best thing to do is to arrive at the studio 30 minutes early so you can feed them before we begin. 

We want to continue to feed baby as much as they want. This will keep them sleepy and calm. A newborn session is a bit of a free-for-all in terms of feeding, but I promise it won’t wreck any regular feeding plans! 

If you’re nursing, you can nurse baby as needed throughout our session. If your baby is taking a bottle I can feed your newborn, keeping them in photo session mode. Allowing me to bottle feed is usually quicker, but we’re not in a hurry! The most important thing is for your baby to stay happy and full. 

4. What to wear

‘What should we wear for our session?’ This is by far the question I get asked the most. The key is neutral colors and simple solids. 

Baby should arrive in a short-sleeve white onesie. While they will be swaddled for much of the session, I will also do some white onesie photos.

Parents and any older siblings should wear solid neutral colors and avoid patterns. We want all of the attention and focus on your beautiful faces! Heavy patterns are a distraction. My studio is all white, so wearing really soft tones like beige, cream, white, and light grey work really well and keep your family the focus of the image. I suggest picking 1-2 colors and then coordinating different tones of that color together. And I always recommend bringing a change of clothes for newborns and toddlers in case any major blowouts happen!

Women also have the option of borrowing a dress from my studio client wardrobe. I have maternity style dresses that come in various sizes. You can view them here. I’ve  hand picked each dress and they photograph beautifully! If you’d like to borrow a dress, I suggest you come into the studio before your baby is born to try on and reserve your favorite one. 

See the photos below for some inspiration!

5. Relax

I get it. Prepping for anything with a newborn can be stressful, not to mention getting everyone photo ready after another sleepless night! 

Babies can easily pick up on our energy, so if you are nervous or anxious the baby will sense that and not settle easily. My goal is that as soon as you walk in my door, you’re able to relax knowing that I’ve got you. You can feed your baby and then pass them off to me — a professionally trained newborn photographer, with safety as the first priority.

You know your newborn better than I do, so please don’t hesitate to bring up any concerns or suggestions. Just remember patience is key. Crying, inability to sleep soundly, bathroom breaks, and the need for more feedings are all normal during a newborn photography session.

During the session you are welcome to watch me photograph your newborn or relax on the couch with your phone, a book or magazine, or the most popular option – take a nap! 

I look forward to documenting all of your baby’s tiny details so that you will always remember how little they once were!

The images below are from a recent newborn photo session taken in the studio. 

Ready to schedule your newborn photography session with Ashlie Behm Photography? Click here to fill out my contact form and let’s start chatting about capturing all of your baby’s tiny features.

Chris and Camille wanted a cute anniversary session in the Columbia River Gorge scenic area. We decided on the Portland Women’s Forum State Scenic Viewpoint in Corbett, OR. It’s an easy drive, just 25 minutes from Portland, Oregon. This is the perfect place to get stunning couple photos in the George. It is a stunning example of Pacific Northwest scenery.

We highly recommend celebrating milestone anniversary dates with a cute photo session so you can go back and see how much y’all have changed over the years as a couple. We have had couples get new outfits for these sessions or even bring out their wedding clothing to get couples and/or family photos. The fun part of doing an anniversary session is you can take the time to get stunning photos with out all the stress of a wedding. 

Some tips for an anniversary session:

  • Make it special by getting pampered for this event.
  • Go to a beautiful location that you did not have time to go to on your wedding day.
  • If you want to include your pets or children bring a family member to watch them after their photos are done, so you can get some cute couple photos.
  • Go to dinner after the shoot as you’re already dressed up.
  • Share your photos with family and friends.

Photo taken at Villa Catalana Cellars

Covid-19 has changed the wedding industry and how people are thinking about getting married. Sightglass Photography shares a few ways to have smaller weddings, including a smaller guest count, but still keep the most important part of the day, the “I Do’s”!  We write this while still in lockdown and unsure what the future holds for the wedding industry and rules for getting together. We suggest if you want to get married in 2020 that you consider having an elopement or a micro wedding. You can save that big reception for next year.  

What does it mean to elope? 

Most people think of it as “running” away secretly in order to get married but in 2020 it’s far from that. We have captured many elopements that are far from running away and getting married in secret. The term has evolved into removing secrecy while retaining the small and intimate aspect. Most of our elopements have close family and friends, where some are just the couple. With the rising costs of weddings, living, and priorities in life-changing.  We are seeing a trend of more and more people scaling back and going back to basics. Most elopements tend to be 1-2 hours at most. They have a ceremony, some couple and family photos, time to mingle, and generally a toast and/or cake. From there they often leave the area to have a nice dinner at a restaurant.

So how is a micro wedding different? 

A micro wedding is generally longer in time and has more people. Though it is still being scaled back from a more traditional wedding. It’s a condensed celebration of marriage that has fewer activities, smaller guest count (generally between 15 and 50), shorter duration (3-5 hours), less complex format, relaxed atmosphere, and less stress to organize. Most micro weddings we capture focus on the ceremony, mingling, photos, and food. They tend to avoid DJs, dancing (some do a first dance and parent dances), and other things that lend themselves better to larger groups. This also lets them book a venue for only a few hours over the whole day. From there a lot have some sort of after-party at a bar or something of the sort.

Josh and Leslie’s wedding was bursting with love and joy! All of their friends and family were so happy and encouraging. They had three pastors that were part of their ceremony. It was wonderful to see a couple whose relationship is rooted in truth.

I knew this wedding would be beautiful because Leslie is the owner of Flourish Wedding Design and Events. The florals were stunning, I loved the colors of blush, maroon and navy. Its always a privilege to be able to photograph a wedding at the Water Oasis, the owners are awesome and they’ve really set up the venue to have everything you would need to throw a big celebration with your family and friends. 


Venue – The Water Oasis

Rentals – Wine Country Wedding Rentals 

Rentals – Botton’s Equipment Rental

Caterer – Rogue Gourmet Catering Co

Dessert – Love Bites and Custom Cakes NW

Florish – Poseyland

DJ – Noteworthy DJs

Coordinating – Flourish Events

Bride and groom stand a top a mountain at sunset after their wedding vows.

Well the world has changed in these past few months as we have all learned of the coronavirus otherwise known as COVID-19. It can be a scary time as people are told to stay home, our favorite bars close, and we see restaurants go to takeout only.

With the restrictions of gatherings in Oregon at the beginning of March Gov. Kate Brown we saw the first impact on spring weddings. Even when you feel you have no choice, choosing to change the wedding you may have been planning for over a year is a hard one.

One thing Photography by Cambrae pointed out in their recent blog is, that just because you might have to reschedule doesn’t change the fact you have found that special someone and you want to get married. Your plan of celebrating that love with a ceremony and reception surrounded by family and friends may have to be rescheduled, but COVID can’t stop love!

If you have found yourself in the place of having to reschedule your wedding or event, read Photography by Cambrae’s 5 simple steps to start the process.

Should you wake up to gray skies on your wedding (or portrait) day, don’t fret! Those foreboding clouds are Mother Nature’s diffuser. And, when sunset time comes along, moody skies make magic sunsets. Despite some scary skies, this Wonser Woods Estate Wedding was mostly rain free, and lucked out with both a rain free outdoor ceremony and a very colorful sunset. 

Vendors Include –
Venue – Wonser Woods Estate
Catering – Sassy Onion
DJ – Perfect Memory Events
Flowers – Flowers N More
Rentals – Danner & Soli & For the Love of Pete
Dress – A and Be Bridal, Made with Love

Meet Emily

Emily is the owner and primary photographer for Emily Hall Photography. Emily Hall Photography offers wedding, portrait, and boudoir photography in Oregon and Washington.

About Emily

I’m an editorial style photographer based in the Willamette Valley of Oregon.

I believe that the most important part of my job is to capture your story and to tell it in a way that makes it undeniably clear to you that your story is special. Because it is. My favorite part about the time I spend with my clients is having this job where I get this special window into their lives. I ask questions about hopes and dreams and goals and love. It’s awesome.

I have never been a ‘large posed portrait over the fireplace’ type of photographer. I used to feel the pressure to create that image for clients, and always felt as though I fell short with the somewhat messier reality of the portraits I created. But real life is a little bit messy, and those ‘real’ moments are the ones I want to preserve. Most people have a ‘picture day’ smile. And, when we look at pictures of our loved ones, we know the difference between that smile and the real one. When you look at your portraits, what is really truly important to me on photo day is that you have fun together. And that when you look back on the images from picture day, you see true joy, and you remember the fun you had. Take a look at an old picture. What memories immediately pop into your head? Because as weird as it sounds, that is a really important aspect of your pictures.

When I photograph couples, I almost always ask what brought them together, and what they first noticed about each other. Most of the time, partners seem surprised by each other’s responses, and I get to see this unexpected burst of ‘new love’ level emotion. And I always ask about first dates and marriage proposals. Some are hilarious, many involve a lot of the “real life” moments that you never see in rom-coms, but the story always leads to the wedding day that I get to photograph.

And, in closing, since this is the “about me” bio portion…
I live in Albany, Oregon with this great guy named Steven, our daughters Rose & Sonia, and our four cats – Kitty Kitty, Rufus, Oscar, and Doozer. We’re a messy, imperfect bunch, but we make a pretty great team.

Her Family

Our family includes a mom, a dad, two awesome little ladies, and four cats.  Whether we’re doing shoulder races, building obstacle courses, cooking together, or snuggling up to read Dr Seuss for the 750,000th time, quality time together is something we don’t take for granted.

Chanel & Kalin

My dear photographer-friend, Ashley, gave Chanel & Kalin my contact information when they were searching for a wedding photographer. We spent the next several months getting to know each other over the phone, and I eventually got to meet them up in Seattle for a hot summer evening of engagement photos.

Now, I have to be 100% honest here – an outdoor winter wedding at sunset in January… has enough variables that I was maybe possibly perhaps just a tad apprehensive as wedding day approached. As luck would have it, there were just a couple of raindrops, no wind, and the day went about as perfectly as a wedding could go. And the Columbia Gorge Hotel was the perfect setting for this winter wedding.

Congratulations Chanel & Kalin! Your wedding day was such an amazing start to your marriage. I hope the fun and laughter surrounded by friends (and tiny, fluffy dogs!) is always a theme in your lives!

Emily Hall Photography
Because Moments Matter

Meet Erica

Erica is the owner and primary photographer for Erica Ann Photography. Erica Ann Photography is a Portland-based studio specializing in fine art wedding and boudoir photography and recently opened a new studio for newborns.

About Erica

My motto in life has always been “Go big or go home.” Whether it’s card games or major life decisions, I love the exhilaration of taking the big risk for the big reward. I have never been content with, “say cheese!!!” Ugh.

After 9 years in the photography business, weddings are still my first love. Each one is so different and deeply personal with its own unique style and flavor. Sharing each couple’s adventure is what fuels my passion to preserve them into works of art.

There is nothing I treasure more than seeing the beauty of this love captured and presented in the form of showpiece-quality heirlooms that complement the authenticity, beauty, and emotion of those original moment, allowing you to relive that memory for years to come.

As a company founded on truth, beauty and art, I set out to document these life events in a way that helps them live on forever – on your walls and in the album that you’ll share with your kids and grandkids.

Her Family

My husband and I are celebrating 14 years this year. We have two hilarious boys who are 3 and 1. We love spending time together in our overgrown backyard, climbing trees and roasting marshmallows. 

Things Erica LOVES!


We recently rented a big house in southern California with a whole bunch of family. It was so fun seeing the cousins play together and do life together for more than just a few hours. My little guy even took his first steps for Grandma and Grandpa!

Meet Serra

Serra is the owner and primary photographer for Serravision Photography. Serravision Photography makes it simple and natural to remember the best parts of life and strengthen your family through modern story-based photography. We all have stories, so you’re welcome to start your journey with us at any time. Some of the best moments to take the plunge are when you’re pregnant or have a new baby, to celebrate new or treasured relationships, birthdays, and other milestones in your family’s life. Serra also specializes in adoption stories.

About Serra

A northwest native, I spent 5 years in Boston learning the art of high-end photography as well as earning a master’s degree in documentary video and media art.  In 2008, I moved back to the Northwest to practice my art.

Over the years, my education and my passion for family have overlapped to form the documentary-inspired lifestyle photography that I create today.

I believe in joy, and I see it everywhere. Many of my clients start out hesitant. “I would love to do this,” they say, “but I just don’t know if we are that interesting. “To that, all I can say is “Do you trust me? Let me show it to you.”

Hiring a photographer is like making a friend. You don’t want to hire just anyone! You’ve got to choose someone whose work you like, but also someone you like and trust as a person.  If I’m going to get true images of your family, I will have to become part of your life!

If you love my style, and would like to get to know me, I sincerely hope you will reach out and join my revolution.

Her Family

I’m an adoptive mom to a 4-yr-old and grateful for almost 13 years with the best partner I could ask for. We live in Portland with our two adolescent ragdoll cats.

My kiddo is a kinetic ball of energy. He loves to run and jump, ride his scooter, play with any kind of sports gear (lately he’s into his wiffle ball/bat and hula hoops), and ride his bike. He and I like to color in coloring books together, and work on jigsaw puzzles.

Things Serra LOVES!


We’ve begun a tradition of going to the Oregon Coast for a camping trip the week after school lets out. We love spending time outdoors together.

Meet Cambrae

Cambrae is the owner and primary photographer for Photography by Cambrae. She specializes in capturing the lives of couples, starting with the proposal, engagement, or wedding. Then beyond as couples families change and grow.

About Cambrae

I am a Portland native through and through! My  love for photography rivals only my love of traveling. My interest in photography began at a young age, thanks to my Uncle and 8th grade math teacher.  After over 18 years of experience, I have mastered the art of putting my clients at ease and creating an environment for them to be present and most importantly be themselves.

I have a deep passion for not only the images I create but for the people I work with.  I truly consider it an honor to be a part of someone’s wedding day and the images we create together become reflective memories for the couple, not just snapshots in time.

Her Family

Family is a HUGE part of my life! I can’t imagine where I would be today without the love and support they have given me.

A couple years ago I got my whole family together for a portrait session at Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden and I am so incredibly glad I did. Having this photograph of all of us just means the world to me. Even more so now that we have lost one of our family members. It a hard reminder of why the work I do is so important. Preserving not only the amazing moments we have in our lives, but preserving ourselves for generations to come.

Things Cambrae LOVES!

Abandoned Places

When I travel there is nothing I love more then seeking out abandoned places, ghosts towns, and historic graveyards. On my recent trip to Nashville I was trying to access what I thought was an abandoned prison only to find out it is still in use for administrative purposes. BUT near by I stumbled across an abandoned dog food factory! Trains used to pull in and would be loaded up from the large silos with dog food and along they went.

Brittany & Michael

For Brittany and Michael’s outdoor summer wedding reception, we made our way to the gorgeous Empress Estate in Woodland. What a beautiful wedding venue! The grounds are impeccable and the ballroom is perfect! They also have a great area for the bride and groom to rest for a bit upstairs before the festivities began. And then there were teary eyed toasts, a gorgeous first dance complete with a big dip at the end, and my favorite – sparkler exit!! Its true that lots of couples do sparklers for their exit, but that’s because its just such a good choice. It really never gets old.

Wedding Venue: Saint Joseph Catholic Church
Reception Venue: Empress Estate
Coordination: Wandera Weddings & Events
Beauty: Samantha Glam
Bridal Dress: a&bé Bridal Shop
Cake: Rosey Cakes
Video: Northwest Film Co
Cocktail hour music: Vancouver String Quartet
DJ: NW Mobile DJ 
Photobooth: Picture This Events
Florals: Red Leaf and Flowers Washougal
Decor: West Coast Event Production
Games: Recreation Department
Stationery: Crave Design

See the rest of this gorgeous wedding at

two moms with their preschool son and daughter sitting on the couch with musical instruments Mothers rule because they:

  1. keep going even on little sleep.
  2. laugh in times when they feel like crying.
  3. make the world better with a simple smile.
  4. see the beauty in their child’s creativity
  5. want to make a difference
  6. sacrifice their own needs
  7. will listen to the whole story, even if it takes forever and starts multiple times.
  8. drive here and there and everywhere and back to here and there and everywhere again.
  9. invent amazing meals from limited ingredients.
  10. understand the art of playing games at the right pace so that everyone has fun.
  11. have the ability to translate toddler language.
  12. can find the one clean pair of socks in the house.
  13. can make broken things work again.
  14. know the exact variations on voices that make stories come alive.
  15. believe in their kids and their dreams.


Serravision Photography works with families to create custom storybooks featuring their life and their words.

From Serra:
My formal training is as a documentary filmmaker. I am a storyteller who uses photography as my tool. I love making client’s stories come to life, and I make it happen with minimal effort on your part. It’s a bit like magic!

Free consultations always.


toddler boy walks with his pregnant mom through a field in downtown Portland, caption reads, "Suddenly you know it

Spring has sprung! The magic of beginnings – it’s everywhere. What do you see?


Serravision Photography works with families to create custom storybooks featuring their life and their words.

From Serra:
My formal training is as a documentary filmmaker. I am a storyteller who uses photography as my tool. I love making client’s stories come to life, and I make it happen with minimal effort on your part. It’s a bit like magic!

Free consultations always.


Toddler is playing peek-a-boo behind a newspaper which, poignantly, is all about the upcoming election

This session happened the day before election day. The whole world was on edge. And, in this house, we were taking a break from the world and playing a rousing game of peek-a-boo by the fire! I love that the mood of the day is written all over the paper he picked up to hide behind. And I also love how much unbridled joy exists on his moms’ faces, because HE is what its all about. <3

Serravision Photography works with families to create custom storybooks featuring their life and their words.

From Serra:
My formal training is as a documentary filmmaker. I am a storyteller who uses photography as my tool. I love making client’s stories come to life, and I make it happen with minimal effort on your part. It’s a bit like magic!

Free consultations always.



I can’t even with this photo. From the smooshy newborn face to mom’s loving attention to the hand in the heart tattoo… even the lighting feels beautiful to me, despite the fact that it’s fluorescent overhead light. You’ve gotta work with what you’ve got and, in this case, I think we did A-OK.


Serravision Photography works with families to create custom storybooks featuring their life and their words.

From Serra:
My formal training is as a documentary filmmaker. I am a storyteller who uses photography as my tool. I love making client’s stories come to life, and I make it happen with minimal effort on your part. It’s a bit like magic!

Free consultations always.


collage of rustic wedding detail photos for a wedding album

I know what you’re thinking… What is this, a wedding photo? But we never see weddings in your feed Serra!

True. Because I rarely accept them. When I do, it’s because we have history. I’ve known this bride since she was 5 years old. I watched her grow through elementary school, through middle and high school, and I’ve kept up with her story as she became the lovely woman she is today.

I watched her relax and brighten in the early stages of this relationship, and it was so obvious how happy it/he has made her. And when I was asked if I would be there to capture her big day of course I said yes – with joy.

So many congratulations my dear Kari. So excited to see where YOUR joy takes you next. <3

Serravision Photography works with families to create custom storybooks featuring their life and their words.

From Serra:
My formal training is as a documentary filmmaker. I am a storyteller who uses photography as my tool. I love making client’s stories come to life, and I make it happen with minimal effort on your part. It’s a bit like magic!

Free consultations always.