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Salem Mission Mill Museum Wedding Photographer-604 I LOVED Joe & Miranda’s Valentine’s Day Breakfast Tea Party Wedding! Very few people have special Valentine’s Day AM plans; now these two have a lifelong, cheese-free tradition that they can celebrate each year – and so do their loved ones!
But the wedding awesomeness didn’t stop there. Miranda’s dress! OMG! Her handmade bouquet, the lovely cups and saucers for their tea brunch – sigh. I LOVED it all.
Congratulations on a beautiful beginning, Miranda & Joe! You guys are off to a great start to your happily ever after!


Spring is here on the Oregon Coast! It’s a beautiful time of year to travel to the beach for an engagement session (or any type of portrait session for that matter!). These two travelled all the way from Missouri to get their photos taken on the Oregon Coast before traveling on a cross country adventure to return home. It was certainly a romantic night to remember for them and a gorgeous sunset to boot!

Jaime Kae Hazen is an Oregon Coast and Portland wedding and portrait photographer. She loves to connect with clients who are local Oregonians and those traveling who’d like to capture the beauty that Oregon has to offer. More of her portfolio can be seen on her website and blog: Portland wedding photographer

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Why get storytelling family photo session?

Because they are only little for so long.

Soon enough they won’t need your help getting dressed. They will be able to put on their own socks and do their own hair.

Soon enough all the routines that are a part of your everyday will change. Then you will only have your memories of when they were so young.


Unless you invest now in beautiful and artistic family photography. Contact Lacey Monroe to schedule your storytelling family photography session.


When I agree to photograph a family, my goal is to go in and win their trust. As a friend and participant in the play date, I am able to capture true, intimate moments that wouldn’t necessarily be available during a traditional photo session.

This image melts my heart every time, and when the family looks back at it many years down the road, they will be able to see life as it really was. They will be able to say, “Those boys could be so sweet with each other when nobody was watching. Wasn’t it beautiful?”

Serravision Photography specializes in capturing lifestyle photography of families : step into your life and experience the truth, the joy, and the beauty that is already present every day.

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Clouds, Wind, and the threat of torrential downpour couldn’t keep this couple from making the most of their engagement session. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate your recent engagement than spending the day with this stunning backdrop, wearing a stunning Alexandra Grecco tulle skirt, and having a fun picnic with champagne and cake. To see more of this romantic Smith Rock Engagement session head over to Brittany Lauren Photography’s blog!

Ron Emily & Lee had a wonderfully intimate wedding with friends and family at Ron’s Pond. Their handmade wedding details & thoughtfully planned ceremony & reception were a perfect reflection of Emily & Lee and their relationship. It was a wonderful day, and I could tell you all the reasons why, but you should probably just see their beautiful, outdoor, DIY wedding for yourself.  :)

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For this couple’s maternity photos we took their cute dog out to his favorite spot, the neighborhood dog park (or some might call is just an empty field, when you live in the country the lines are a bit blurred). Make sure to check back with Lacey Monroe Photography to see more of this lovely maternity session (a full blog post is coming soon!).

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After Sheila and Luke’s morning ceremony, the bridal party piled into a limo for a fun 4 hour wedding day excursion in downtown Portland. What is a wedding day excursion you ask? Well, in this case it involved a stop at the liquor store for supplies, a quick cocktail at Veritable Quandry (where the bride and groom had their first date), shenanigans on the waterfront (like, serious larp shenanigans) and some serenading by Sheila’s cousin in their presidential suite at the Benson hotel! If you’re gonna have a baby grand piano in your wedding night hotel room, you better use it! Also – my favorite – tears of joy!


A photo shoot filled with laughter and memories that will last a lifetime. I luckily was able to meet with my friends while they were traveling to San Francisco from Hawaii and they wanted to capture some memories while they were in California. If you are visiting Portland, Oregon and interested in family photos while you are here in Oregon let me know. Maybe we can meet at the Oregon Coast for some beach photos. I’d love that too!

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You have a lot to think about when you plan a wedding and choosing the location for your engagement session probably isn’t near the top of your ‘most pressing items to complete’ list. Your photographer should help and guide you on choosing the best location for your engagement session, but one of the most important things I tell my couples is:

Less is often more when deciding on a location.
Regardless of the type of setting you seek out, an ideal location is free from too many visual distractions. It’s clean, quiet, and relatively secluded. A quiet setting will help you feel comfortable in displaying your affections and keep you in the moment.

If you’d like to get a couple more tips on how to choose the perfect engagement session location, head over to Brittany Lauren Photography’s blog!

Emily-Hall-Photography---Daxton---Newborn-7730 I got to hang out with this little cutie for his first photos over Spring Break. He got off to a little bit of a rough start, so we didn’t do his newborn photos until he was 6 weeks old (usually newborn sessions happen in the first two weeks of life). This was a super-fun session for me, and I was SO excited that it went so well! - - (503)957-6429

Sometimes the best wedding moments to capture are not staged or posed…I did not ask the groom to lift up his leg. He just felt it was the right thing to do and it totally worked out for this fun and lighthearted capture. I absolutely love this image and even more so because it really shows how fun these two really are. It’s a fun moment in time they have to enjoy forever.

Learn more about me, Jaime Kae Hazen, and view my portfolio here: Portland Wedding Photographer

portland wedding photographer - beach elopement Sometimes Portland can start to feel dreary and make you yearn for warm, sunny, beach days. Throw in a fun impromptu elopement and you have a dream vacation! This shoot was inspired by the idea of escaping the rainy and cold winter, running off to a sunny beach, and eloping with the person you love more than anything. Check out the rest of this beach elopement inspiration on Brittany Lauren Photography’s blog!