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It’s been a great year, and we’ve heard from a lot of people about how our site is a terrific resource for finding your wedding or portrait photographer! Hope you’re all having a wonderful Christmas, and please enjoy this self-timer portrait of our group :)

(Disclaimer: We are not artists, just awesome photographers: top-bottom: Bunn Salarzon and Amanda Wright Thompson; Linnea Castro and Jennifer Gardner; Kim O’Neil and Erica Ann Bader; Danae Jones, Kira Noble, and Emily Hall-Klaassen)

May 2013 be everything that 2012 didn’t bring— and more. Happy New Year from the Photographers of Portland!!

(Disclaimer: We are not artists, just awesome photographers: top L-R: Lisa Ambrose-Delapp, Emily Hall-Klaassen, Danae Jones, Amy Nieto, Erica Ann Bader, Kira Noble, Carrie Stoller, bottom L-R: Kim Chen, Linnea Castro, Amanda Wright Thompson, Jennifer Gardner, Bunn Salarzon, Jenna St. Martin-Tuck, Katherine Shirley Apker) Honesty is the best policy. We hope you all got everything you asked Santa for this year!!

Photographers of Portland

(Photographers of Portland on self-timer, top L-R: Linnea Castro, Kim O’Neil, Amy Nieto, Erica Ann Bader, Amanda Wright Thompson, Kira Noble, Carrie Stoller, Kim Chen, Jennifer Gardner, bottom L-R: Bunn Salarzon, Danae Jones, Emily Hall-Klaassen, Lisa Ambrose-Delapp, Jenna St. Martin-Tuck)

Merry Christmas from all of us!