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Documentary Style family Photographer – Serra

Meet Serra

Serra is the owner and primary photographer for Serravision Photography. Serravision Photography makes it simple and natural to remember the best parts of life and strengthen your family through modern story-based photography. We all have stories, so you’re welcome to start your journey with us at any time. Some of the best moments to take the plunge are when you’re pregnant or have a new baby, to celebrate new or treasured relationships, birthdays, and other milestones in your family’s life. Serra also specializes in adoption stories.

About Serra

A northwest native, I spent 5 years in Boston learning the art of high-end photography as well as earning a master’s degree in documentary video and media art.  In 2008, I moved back to the Northwest to practice my art.

Over the years, my education and my passion for family have overlapped to form the documentary-inspired lifestyle photography that I create today.

I believe in joy, and I see it everywhere. Many of my clients start out hesitant. “I would love to do this,” they say, “but I just don’t know if we are that interesting. “To that, all I can say is “Do you trust me? Let me show it to you.”

Hiring a photographer is like making a friend. You don’t want to hire just anyone! You’ve got to choose someone whose work you like, but also someone you like and trust as a person.  If I’m going to get true images of your family, I will have to become part of your life!

If you love my style, and would like to get to know me, I sincerely hope you will reach out and join my revolution.

Her Family

I’m an adoptive mom to a 4-yr-old and grateful for almost 13 years with the best partner I could ask for. We live in Portland with our two adolescent ragdoll cats.

My kiddo is a kinetic ball of energy. He loves to run and jump, ride his scooter, play with any kind of sports gear (lately he’s into his wiffle ball/bat and hula hoops), and ride his bike. He and I like to color in coloring books together, and work on jigsaw puzzles.

Things Serra LOVES!


We’ve begun a tradition of going to the Oregon Coast for a camping trip the week after school lets out. We love spending time outdoors together.