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Portland Wedding Photographer Shares The Best Advice For Overcoming A Stressful Wedding Day

Amy and Tyler’s wedding flowers didn’t arrive in time for the wedding because of a hurricane in Texas last year, but that didn’t stop them from having the best wedding possible!

Even without their chosen wedding flowers, Amy and Tyler still managed to have a wedding that hit all the right notes in Astoria, Oregon at The Loft at the Red Building!

As a Portland wedding photographer I’ve seen it all at weddings! Couples who are calm and almost zen-like, stressed, and everything in between. I’ve curated a list of tips and things to keep in mind to help you keep it all in check and be sure you have the best wedding day possible without letting petty things bother you.

Everyone dreams of a wedding day with no hiccups, setbacks or stress. Which is why the reality can sometimes be a let down. But don’t despair! With my years of experience shooting weddings, I know my way around stressful days. So repeat after me: Calm, serene, peaceful…calm, serene, peaceful…

Sometimes at the Pacific Northwest weddings it rains (shocker!!) when we really want the sun. Sometimes the florist brings the wrong color flowers. And sometimes your flower girl just doesn’t want to be sweet and instead wants to test out her lungs in the form of an epic tantrum.

Sweltering heat and power outages were in the cards for Meghan and Ryan’s wedding at The Ohana Barn in Corvallis Oregon. This didn’t stop them, not even for a moment, from smiling and having an amazing time at their wedding. They knew what they were there for…to celebrate their love and commitment to each other in marriage.

Meghan and Ryan embraced sweltering heat and power outages at their Ohana Barn wedding in Corvallis, Oregon. But it didn’t phase them! They knew exactly what their day was about: love, commitment, and marriage.

So, what are you supposed to do?

Here are my best tips:

  • Keep it in Perspective! The flower girl screaming is going to make a hilarious story when she’s 17 and trying to be the coolest kid ever. And, really, orange flowers instead of yellow won’t ruin your entire day. You’re there to get married, to have a great party, and commit to your best friend. Remember to take a deep breath and focus on the actual priorities of the day.
  • Have A Plan! Make sure you know who’s supposed to where and when. Oh! And make sure they know where they’re supposed to be and when. It’s easier to redirect one person than it is to try and herd a whole group! Better yet, make sure your photographer has worked a solid plan out for you, knows the schedule, and is able to help you stick to it.
  • Keep Calm and…Delegate! Don’t try to do it all. You and your love are beautifully dressed and ready to have that calm, serene, and peaceful day we just discussed. In the words of Taylor Swift: shake it off…and delegate! Your wedding party is there to support you in your quest to have the best wedding day ever, use that support and love.
Mallori and Tyler had a very windy and foggy wedding on the beach in Rockaway Beach, Oregon. They didn’t get to choose the weather, but they still chose to embrace it and make the best of the situation. I love the clean look and feel of wedding photos on the beach when it’s completely socked in with fog and clouds.

Mallori and Tyler had a very windy and foggy wedding on the beach in Rockaway Beach, Oregon. It wasn’t exactly the ideal condition but the result was beautiful soft skies and an album filled with moments that highlighted their emotion and love.

For more advice on keeping calm on your big day head over to my full article “Five Fixes to Fight Wedding Day Stress”.

Jaime Kae Hazen is a Portland wedding photographer who travels world wide for destination weddings and portraits. Jaime is known as a photographer who specializes in preserving memories for her clients through print with heirloom quality product including storytelling albums and curated wall art selections.

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