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See Your Joy In Pictures


Part of being a lifestyle family photographer, for me, is taking lifestyle photos of my own son in his natural environment. So when I signed him up for a baby sign language class I asked the instructor if she would like me to share photos of the class with her.

She agreed, but I don’t think she really knew what I was suggesting.

When she saw the photos, she was surprised that she actually liked them!

She said “I never like candid photos of myself but these are beautiful!”

I love being able to share the beauty that I see in others with them. It isn’t fake or staged – it is real. And our own beauty, even when it is obvious to everyone around us, is often what is hardest for us to see in ourselves.

Helping people to see the joy in their everyday life is what my lifestyle photography is about.

Serravision Photography specializes in capturing lifestyle photography of families : step into your life and experience the truth, the joy, and the beauty that is already present every day.


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