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Mr. Nixon’s mama was concerned about his newbie acne for his session would be bad for pictures at 6 days old, I reassured her that it’s not anything abnormal and often times it gets worse around 2 weeks. They came in and he was just perfect and even slept like a prince. His acne did get worse and she was glad we didn’t put it off, which is one of the reasons it is best to have newborn photos done within the first 4-10 days after birth.


When your a kid is there anything better than baking with mom or fixing something with dad? That may be a little stereo typical, but you get the point, right? The best part is that while you were having fun you probably learned more than how to bake cookies or change the oil in the car. Some of the best parent-child conversations and life lessons happen over helping mom or dad do what they do.

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This gorgeous naturally minded mama came to the studio for her maternity session with “daddy” and big sissy barely a week before her little surprise arrived at home in the wee hours of the morning with arctic temperatures outside. The Portland area has been published as being one of the best places to have a baby and I am so glad to live here and witness the reasons why.  HAPPY 2014!



The only thing more exciting than Christmas is a baby’s first Christmas! They are too young to get what everything is about but watching them discover the colors, lights and smells of the season renews the wonder of it all for the adults around them doesn’t it? It’s a great time to fit in a milestone session and this photo was one of the highlights of his mom and dad’s Christmas cards this year!

The Portland Oregon area has to be one of the most beautiful places to live in the Country. Every season boasts of loveliness but Autumn has to take the cake. There is a quote by Albert Camus, “Autumn is a second Spring, when every leaf is a flower.” It’s no wonder why it is the most popular time for family portraits and this year, we were blessed with some extra beautiful weather!