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Lan Su Garden Proposal

Matt kept texting me about how anxious he was, and asking if all the people were out yet. I drew him a diagram of exactly where he should stop so I could hide in the bushes and get a good view. I had a second shooter, Cambrae getting them from a different angle just in case. You never know what’s going to happen so its super crucial to have back up! Andrea tried to lead them around the bridge, but Matt convinced her to go to the spot we had planned out. He got down on that good ole knee of his and of course she said yes!

Afterwards we took a stroll around the secluded garden where Matt and Andrea basically just goofed around and enjoyed their newly engaged selves. Congratulations you two! Matt, ya done good! See the entire proposal shoot here.



Bridal Veil Lakes Canoe Wedding Teresa and Micah are seriously one of the most down to earth, fun loving couples I’ve ever gotten to photograph! They both grew up in Hawaii, in fact Micah is a few years younger and had a huge crush on Teresa when they were in high school. Well, 16 years and 4 kids later, they finally tied the knot! And I’m so glad they decided to stay here in the Northwest to get married. They brought the Aloha to us.  Check out their stunning wedding at Bridal Veil Lakes!



Ponzi Winery Wedding Nicole and Jeff were married at the Ponzi Historic Estate in Beaverton and then had their gorgeous reception at the new Ponzi Winery in Sherwood. Wow, if you haven’t been to their new winery, you really need to visit. I love all of the concrete and modern architecture – what a perfect place to host a wedding reception. See their whole wedding here!

Bend Oregon Pool Wedding


What happens when you mix a gallon of vodka, sparklers and a pool with an awesome bride and groom? You get the best backyard wedding celebration ever! (For optimum results, it helps to have mostly 22 year olds in the wedding party). Brittany and Tanner’s wedding was beautiful, spontaneous and easily the most fun I had while “working” all year. See the entire Bend Oregon Wedding at Erica Ann Photography.

Grossen Peaches Farm Wedding

Wow! Cindy and Seth’s wedding at Grossen Peaches was so beautiful down to every last detail. You might not think that such a gorgeous and meticulously designed wedding could also be fun and laid back, but it totally was! Congrats you two! Check out all of the gorgeous wedding details at Erica Ann Photography.


Vietnamese Wedding Photography

So… I got to go to Vietnam for a wedding this year! That was pretty crazytown. Seriously, the reception was like some a Vegas style pyrotechnics light show extravaganza. I’m so, so happy I had the opportunity to be their official “international wedding photographer.” Check out more of this unique multicultural wedding at Erica Ann Photography.

Oregon Coast Sunset Engagement Scott and Morgan are getting married this month and I thought this would be a perfect time to share their gorgeous engagement session! We traveled together to Hug Point to do a little hiking and enjoy the stunning sunset. The Oregon coast can be somewhat of an enigma – at least to me. Believe it or not, this was actually the day after Valentine’s day! These two were up for anything and super laid back, I can’t wait for their Laguna Beach wedding next week! Check out the rest of their engagement session here.

Hop Farms Wedding

Yes! Future weddings please take note: This was a beautiful wedding, but more importantly everyone had a AMAZING time – including the bride and groom! From the moment I met these two, Amanda and John have been nothing but unapologetically themselves. They didn’t have to worry about what anyone else thought of them because they surround themselves with people who know them and love them. I was so delighted to get to photograph this special and gorgeous wedding!

Portland Engagement Photography

I found out that somebody has a habit of sneaking into the soaking pool at Edgefield… I won’t say who, but it gave me the idea to do our whole shoot there and then end in the soaking pool with the entire family. I love it because its so personal and perfect for these two. They live just a couple of miles from Edgefield and spend a lot of time hanging out there with their kids. See their entire engagement session/family photoshoot on the blog!

Portland wedding photographers

After Sheila and Luke’s morning ceremony, the bridal party piled into a limo for a fun 4 hour wedding day excursion in downtown Portland. What is a wedding day excursion you ask? Well, in this case it involved a stop at the liquor store for supplies, a quick cocktail at Veritable Quandry (where the bride and groom had their first date), shenanigans on the waterfront (like, serious larp shenanigans) and some serenading by Sheila’s cousin in their presidential suite at the Benson hotel! If you’re gonna have a baby grand piano in your wedding night hotel room, you better use it! Also – my favorite – tears of joy!

Portland Vintage Boudoir

Portland Boudoir Photographers

Last month I hosted a Vintage Valentine’s Boudoir marathon and it was so much fun! I love doing something a little different now and then. The wonderful Tracy Amos, owner of Classic Vintage Rentals loaned me some beautiful furniture for the week! I wish I could have all of this gorgeous antique furniture in my studio all the time! It was so nice to “freshen” up the place for a little while. Hair and makeup was done by the talented Bri Ellis, owner of Portland Makeup and Hair. Check out the entire Vintage Boudoir Photoshoot here.

Cape Horn Estate Wedding

Cape Horn Estate Wedding Reception

This was one of those awesome weather weddings for sure! I can’t take credit for the weather, but I hope that I captured it well to show how the day really felt. We had low hanging fog in the hills, a stunning orange, purple and magenta sunset, and then a beautiful indigo cloud cover into the evening! Laura and Jesse partied all night and threw a beautiful wedding at Cape Horn Estate to celebrate with their family and friends!

White Stallion Inspiration Photos

Sometimes you take a photo and it almost feels like something magical is happening. (Super corny, but sorry, I can’t help it!) This wedding inspiration shoot involved a beautiful white stallion, an antique Victorian wedding dress and an insane sunset! We weren’t planning on a Princess Bride theme, but I guess when all these things come together you can’t help but get a little bit cinematic!

First Moments of marriage

Some of my favorite wedding images are from the moments right after the first kiss when the bride and groom are announced as husband and wife for the first time. The first kiss definitely an important moment, but the looks of sheer joy right after are unbeatable! This is their first few moments of marriage! See more Portland Wedding first moments.

Cannon Beach Engagement

I love it when I get to photograph adventurous couples who aren’t afraid of a little weather! Farrah and Matt wanted to go somewhere special and of course somewhere that would look good with that gorgeous aqua dress that she found online! So we made the two hour drive out to the Oregon Coast. It was a gorgeous drive, pure sunshine the whole way… oh, until about 2 minutes before we actually got to the beach. All of a sudden, the fog rolled in so thick, we literally could not see the ocean. Ocean or not, I loved this Oregon coast engagement session!