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MaiCamera-South-Asian-Indian-Wedding-Couple Wedding portraits can range from specifically posed, all the way to completely candid.  Sometimes, it’s a little mix of the both!  For Mehj and Hussein, they opted to  have a little fun by showing off their dance moves during their sunset portraits.

Ainsworth Garden Wedding - Famiy Photos by MaiCamera Photography The best part of wedding day is the family photos… at least according to MaiCamera Photography.  I love this photo because it’s of two adorable families joining together to form one adorable family.  There are no sides at a wedding, just everyone coming together for the new family.  For more on how to get awesome group photos at your wedding, check out Mai’s top four tips to get the best group photos at your wedding!

South Asian Wedding Emotional Goodbye by MaiCamera Photography Weddings of any culture can be emotional, but the Rukhsati Ceremony is quite the tear jerker.  Here, Mehjabeen hugs her mother tightly as her father holds on close.  After multiple days of fun and excitement, the goodbye ceremony marks an end to the wedding celebrations.  It was an emotional end to the night, as the bride says goodbye to her family before joining her groom and his family.

First Look at Silver Falls State Park Wedding by MaiCamera

First looks aren’t for everyone, and not all wedding days can schedule it, but when there’s laughter, giggling, and an abundance of love, I think Sandra and Dylan made the right choice to have a first look for their wedding at Silver Falls State Park.  A calm and quiet moment with your best friend and life long partner is a good way to start your wedding day.