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A photo collage featuring a young boy and a yellow tulip - the text reads "Flowers are born in the dirt. They rise up and bloom where they

I have been having a blast creating photo mosaics and posting them over time on instagram. You may also know this phenomenon as the “Grid Collage”.

Have you seen this technique and wondered how to make it happen? It takes a little planning, but anyone can learn to do it. How fun would it be to create a grid collage out of one of your own family’s pictures? This article is what got me started:

As she says at the end of the blog, “This method may sound a little crazy or time consuming…and it can certainly feel that way in the beginning.  But, I promise you.  Once you get the hang of it…you will love it!”. She was not joking…

Discovering this way of posting was what got me hooked on instagram. It’s so much fun! If this kind of photo geek-ery tickles you as much as it does me, maybe you’ll join me! See what other antics I’ve been up to. :)

Serravision Photography works with families to create custom storybooks featuring their life and their words.

From Serra:

My formal training is as a documentary filmmaker. I am a storyteller who uses photography as my tool. I love making client’s stories come to life, and I make it happen with minimal effort on your part. It’s a bit like magic!

If you place a high value on your family, and on creating a sense of unity and belonging for yourself and your children, you will love this unique way of looking at lifestyle photography.

Free consultations always.


happy mom and two kids playing on a see-saw in the park Do you feel like it’s too late to start taking family pictures?

Many of us struggle with this idea of it being too late to start something. Too late to learn something new, or start a project, or write a journal, or make a new tradition.

For me, I think this ties into a sort of “perfectionism” – wanting to get it “right” from the start.

The thing with life is, though, that there’s never a clear start. When does your family story begin? When you’re a child and dream of having a family? When you are pregnant or exploring? When your first child comes home?

Your story starts now. It always has.


Click through to the original blog, “Do you feel like it’s too late to start?”



Serravision Photography specializes in teaching families how to improve the pictures they take of their kids, and in capturing lifestyle photography of families : step into your life and experience the truth, the joy, and the beauty that is already present every day.