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The Couple Who Laughs Together…

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Normally, I can caption a photo. Over here at Emily Hall Photography, I pride myself in being the funniest person in the (admittedly lightly staffed) office. It’s not always the perfect caption, but usually, I can come up with something at least mildly witty. Today, not so much. So, I…crowd-sourced it, and here’s what I got:
-Oh… the LEFT hand! 
-Pure joy, the very best way to start a marriage! Pure joy the best way to maintain a healthy marriage.
-Love and laughter as they start their happily ever after…
-Knowing that I get to spend the rest of my life with you makes me so happy!
-Just one of the many smiles we get to share over the course of our marriage, priceless!
Let’s laugh our way through life together

How would YOU caption this photo? Keep in mind that these two people are AWESOME. Bring your best stuff!

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