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Top 3 Ways To Chose The Right Photographer

Lesbian couple hanging out and laughing outside their home with their newborn baby and two black and white cats.

#1: Do you like them as a person?

In order to walk away with pictures that will trigger good memories, you need to have a good time taking them! You need to be comfortable with your photographer, and enjoy being around them.

#2: Does their work make your heart happy?

Make sure to look at your photographer’s portfolio. Do you like their work? All of it? If some of it sits the wrong way with you, that is a huge red flag that you might be hiring the wrong photographer. You should love everything they put out! That is the only way to feel confident that you will love the work they do for you, too.

#3: How much is this worth to you?

Just like with most things, the more you pay for family pictures the more you will get out of them. Are you wondering why some photographers charge a lot more than others? It’s usually for two reasons. First, they have enough experience to know that they can deliver on their promise. Second, they are running a legitimate business and doing things by the book, so they have calculated what they need to charge to pay their business expenses.

For more tips, including the number 1 question to ask yourself before selecting a photographer, and the number 1 mistake people tell me about, click through to the original blog, “What To Look For In A Family Photographer: The Important Stuff

Serravision Photography works with families to create custom storybooks featuring their life and their words.

From Serra:

My formal training is as a documentary filmmaker. I am a storyteller who uses photography as my tool. I love making client’s stories come to life, and I make it happen with minimal effort on your part. It’s a bit like magic!

If you place a high value on your family, and on creating a sense of unity and belonging for yourself and your children, you will love this unique way of looking at lifestyle photography.

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