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Wedding Photographers – Amber & Eric

Meet Amber & Eric

Amber & Eric are the owners and primary photographers for Sightglass Photography. Sightglass Photography offers wedding, family, elopement, headshot, event and commercial photography in Oregon and Washington.

About Amber & Eric

We are Eric and Amber, a husband and wife wedding photography team with a different story than most. Both of us actually had our own established wedding photography businesses, with years of experience behind us, before we ever met. We found each other at a wedding professionals networking meeting, fell in love, on Valentines Day, no less, and got married 2 years later. Along the way, we merged our 2 businesses into Sightglass Photography.

Between us, we have 13 years of experience taking wedding photos, and have shot over 250 weddings. For the past several years we have been blending and perfecting our styles to produce images that we are positive would delight any clients.

The weddings we shoot vary wildly, from a 1-1/2 hour long, formal Catholic mass with hundreds of guests, to a short ceremony at Voodoo Doughnut with just the bride and groom, officiant and a couple witnesses. We have worked all over the map… literally. We’ve shot weddings and engagement sessions from northernmost Washington to San Francisco, the Oregon Coast to Painted Hills in central Oregon. We love to travel, and welcome opportunities to explore new places with you. 

Venues ranging from rustic farmhouses to elegant hotels in downtown Portland, magnificent Multnomah Falls, Timberline Lodge and even Powell’s Book Store, have given us many opportunities to work with differing environments. We’ve had the pleasure of shooting very traditional weddings. We enjoy working with same sex couples and couples who are marrying later in life. We get a kick out of working with children and four legged family members.

Whatever your vision is for your wedding, we would love to be a part of it.

Their Family

We love spending time with our dog Chloe and going on adventures. She loves walks and rides in the car. We really enjoy road trips to all the fun places in the PNW. 


We took a 13 day road trip last fall in California. We wanted to a trip where we could stay away from people and this was perfect. We went to LA for a drive in movie theater that had zombies wondering around. (It was Jo Bob Briggs event) We even met up with a friend from Portland who came down for the same drive in. Went to Palm Springs and hung out by the pool. Then we checked out the Salton Sea and that was a blast. We even stopped at a film museum which was a blast! Then we drove up to Lake Tahoe for a few days before it got cold. We can’t wait until spring/summer and doing some local road tips to explore Oregon with our dog Chloe who we adopted in December who is 8 years old. She really enjoys car trips and short walking trips.

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