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Toddlers Are The Best

Photograph of 2-year-old toddler being hugged by his mom and dad with a really authentic smile on his face How do you go from “Can’t you just sit still for just one second so I can take a picture!?” to “I love working with toddlers.”?

It took me 10 years to uncover the secrets. Now that I know these secrets, toddlers are some of my very favorite people to work with, and here’s why:

The fact that they haven’t spent a lot of time in the world of “knowing” means they are free to be authentic. As long as they feel safe, they try new things, dance in public, climb the highest pile of rocks, carefully assemble their favorite toys with full focus, look at things from all kinds of perspectives, laugh with abandon, and cry without shame. And it isn’t my job to think of any of the “poses”. What a relief! You mean – I get to be myself, too??

Want to learn the secrets to making this change in your life? Read the original blog post, Why Toddlers Are My Favorite Photo Subjects, to see how I had to change my approach—and how you can, too.

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