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When I asked a dear friend of mine why she decided to wait until birth to find out the sex of her baby, she said to me “…because there are few true surprises in life” and that has always stuck with me.  So when Andrea and Stefan told me they were waiting to find out the sex of their first child, I was so excited for them knowing the true surprise they had to come.

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Lesbian couple hanging out and laughing outside their home with their newborn baby and two black and white cats.

#1: Do you like them as a person?

In order to walk away with pictures that will trigger good memories, you need to have a good time taking them! You need to be comfortable with your photographer, and enjoy being around them.

#2: Does their work make your heart happy?

Make sure to look at your photographer’s portfolio. Do you like their work? All of it? If some of it sits the wrong way with you, that is a huge red flag that you might be hiring the wrong photographer. You should love everything they put out! That is the only way to feel confident that you will love the work they do for you, too.

#3: How much is this worth to you?

Just like with most things, the more you pay for family pictures the more you will get out of them. Are you wondering why some photographers charge a lot more than others? It’s usually for two reasons. First, they have enough experience to know that they can deliver on their promise. Second, they are running a legitimate business and doing things by the book, so they have calculated what they need to charge to pay their business expenses.

For more tips, including the number 1 question to ask yourself before selecting a photographer, and the number 1 mistake people tell me about, click through to the original blog, “What To Look For In A Family Photographer: The Important Stuff

Serravision Photography works with families to create custom storybooks featuring their life and their words.

From Serra:

My formal training is as a documentary filmmaker. I am a storyteller who uses photography as my tool. I love making client’s stories come to life, and I make it happen with minimal effort on your part. It’s a bit like magic!

If you place a high value on your family, and on creating a sense of unity and belonging for yourself and your children, you will love this unique way of looking at lifestyle photography.

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Awesome joy-filled "maternity" photo of family, dad is holding their toddler son upside down and pregnant mom is laughing.

And how to make sure you love them.


1. Your body is amazing!

You may be one of the lucky ones who loves being pregnant! You might be sick every day. Being pregnant might be everything you dreamed of, or it may not be what you expected at all… No matter your path, trust me. This is guaranteed to be something worth looking back on.

2. You can never get to go back.

Whether you love being pregnant or not, it is a major (and temporary) change in your life!  Humans remember things they focus on, and forget (or don’t even notice) the rest. Photos give you a way to look at your life through new eyes. They give you a way to keep connecting with the moment.

3. Do it for your child. 

These memories belong to all the people who love you, not just to you. The more time passes the more you will want to share this journey. With your partner, and especially with your children. As time passes, you will meet new friends you meet down the road who didn’t know you while you were pregnant. You never know when you’ll want to (or be asked to) share these remarkable memories.

4. This is your life. 

This is about capturing who you are right now. It’s about you as a whole person. It is about more than just the shape of your belly. It’s about your life changing in an unimaginably big way. It’s about remembering a time, just like any other, that is impermanent. It’s about who you were before, and it’s about who you are becoming. It’s about your joy. So when you approach maternity pictures keep that in mind, and make the pictures about more than just how your body looks during pregnancy. Make it about your relationships and the activities you love. Make it about the funny foods you enjoy, or the odd exercises you’ve taken up. Make it about you.

5. Sharing your story is fun.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.

You don’t have to take pictures of your pregnancy.
You get to take pictures of your pregnancy!

And I’m here to help you do it right.


Photography Tips and Tricks Header ImageClick through to the original blog, Why You Should Take Maternity Pictures, to read more and get ideas for what moments to capture and tips for how to make sure they come out beautiful!



Serravision Photography specializes in teaching families how to improve the pictures they take of their kids, and in capturing lifestyle photography of families : step into your life and experience the truth, the joy, and the beauty that is already present every day.


Pregnant mom, husband, and son race each other down the sidewalk

Maternity photos are all about celebrating how amazing your body is! They should express your spirit. They shouldn’t be awkward, posed, or done in a studio. The whole point of lifestyle photography is to see people in context. Families play together, people love each other, and life never stands still. That’s why I love this pregnant mom running a race with her toddler and husband! It’s the life they live every day, and it’s beautiful.

Serravision Photography specializes in teaching families how to improve the pictures they take of their kids, and in capturing lifestyle photography of families : step into your life and experience the truth, the joy, and the beauty that is already present every day.


Portland Maternity Photos

Exist in photos for yourself, for your family, and the generations that walk this earth after you.

My goal is not to change the way someone looks so they can be confident, it’s to give them an opportunity to feel confident from the inside out. When you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good it shows on the outside. Love who you are and celebrate it!

This is a look at an in-studio maternity session that includes professional hair and makeup and wardrobe styling. I work with my clients to dream up the look they want for their photo shoot and provide resources, tips, and suggestions to make it become a reality.

Beauty and makeover photo shoots by Jaime Kae Hazen – Portland maternity portrait photographer


Heather Fitch Photography - Sandy Oregon-maternity

It was a warm beautiful spring night for a maternity session. We saw a deer from far away and even ran into people going frogging. This sweet momma just barely made her maternity session! As I am posting this a week later she already had her sweet little girl Isla!

Oregon-maternity-Heather Fitch Photography

I am so excited for this sweet couple! Their new bundle of joy expected arrival date is right around Christmas! What an awesome present that would make.  I cant wait for our newborn session to meet their new addition! To be Continued…

Willamette Valley Maternity Photographer-9819

I have had the privilege of calling these two gorgeous and fabulously kind people my friends almost as long as they’ve been a couple. I thought they were perfect for each other back in 2002, LOVED celebrating their wedding over Labor Day in 2010, and this year, in addition to getting to photograph their beautiful waterfront maternity session, I get to be one of the first people to meet their son, Gage!

I am SO lucky to get to document love for a living. I NEVER feel entitled to be my friends’ photographer for their special moments. But, I love it when they ask me. It gives me a front row seat to some seriously special moments in their lives that I might otherwise miss. I don’t take that for granted!

Thank you, Heather and Eric, for an afternoon of laughs, memories, stories, and catching up. Oh, and thanks for being ridiculously fun and gorgeous in front of the camera too! Because, yeah. You are!


Ashley had me do maternity photos for her fourth (and last!) baby, and I helped her with picking out several outfits and bedding to best highlight the soft, romantic vibe of their English cottage bedroom. I love it when clients get professional hair and make-up done as it really brings out the best of their natural beauty! We had so much fun getting photos with her other kids before we focused on her lovely maternity photos— check out the link to see more of this awesome session!