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First Birthday Portraits with Mom in the Picture

Albany 1st Birthday Photographer-9

When Ella’s Mama asked if she could be in a few of Ella’s First Birthday Portraits, my heart soared. Let me tell you why.
1. FACT.  Mom’s are never in enough pictures with their kids. They are usually too busy momming, or hiding their imperfections to be IN the pictures with their kids.
2. What do one-year-olds love more than their parents? NOTHING. Want a happy smile from your child who has just developmentally started to care about strangers vs. familiars? Let them play with their people.
When you think of your most special portraits from your childhood, do they include your loved ones?
This portrait session reminded me how important it is to get in front of the camera. I hope it inspires you too!


  • July 26, 2016 - 7:59 PM

    Serra - YES! I love this post, photo, and sentiment. Thank you for standing up for and celebrating moms in the picture!ReplyCancel

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