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Mothers Rule Because…

two moms with their preschool son and daughter sitting on the couch with musical instruments Mothers rule because they:

  1. keep going even on little sleep.
  2. laugh in times when they feel like crying.
  3. make the world better with a simple smile.
  4. see the beauty in their child’s creativity
  5. want to make a difference
  6. sacrifice their own needs
  7. will listen to the whole story, even if it takes forever and starts multiple times.
  8. drive here and there and everywhere and back to here and there and everywhere again.
  9. invent amazing meals from limited ingredients.
  10. understand the art of playing games at the right pace so that everyone has fun.
  11. have the ability to translate toddler language.
  12. can find the one clean pair of socks in the house.
  13. can make broken things work again.
  14. know the exact variations on voices that make stories come alive.
  15. believe in their kids and their dreams.


Serravision Photography works with families to create custom storybooks featuring their life and their words.

From Serra:
My formal training is as a documentary filmmaker. I am a storyteller who uses photography as my tool. I love making client’s stories come to life, and I make it happen with minimal effort on your part. It’s a bit like magic!

Free consultations always.


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