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Two preschool boys wearing bright colored red and yellow snow suits play in the snow outside in a portland oregon park

Snow is rare in the Northwest. So when there’s snow – even if it’s just half an inch – there’s no messing around!

It’s all or nothing.


Snow in Portland is a precious commodity. We’re lucky to get a day or two of playable snow in an entire winter. Last year, the snow was too powdery to make into snowballs or snow men, and then it turned into ice for days on end. So imagine the delight for kids this year when the perfect packable snow fell and stuck right here in PDX!

Last year, at just over 2, the little guy in red was VERY skeptical of snow. He was ok with being pulled in a sled, but did not really want to stand in the snow, even with boots on. The year before, he was horrified by it. It was tantrum-inducing and not at all intriguing. This year he’s all in – feet first, face first, it doesn’t really matter! Without a question, he and one of his best buddies ran out and started playing hard. And I was lucky enough to be invited to witness the joy.



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